My Better Half nagged me for years to start a blog. She was right, which is why I put it off. Then she stopped nagging me…

In the early years of my career, when I was doing real work, I had a hard time getting along with middle management, as often as not because I thought by-the-book was a synonym for obvious. In my later years, as an executive and author (see “About Us”), my thinking evolved: it became increasingly clear that obvious is banal. It’s the opposite of original. It’s superficial by definition and stale. It’s putting critical thinking in the bottom drawer with the sweaters you never wear.

Personally, I’d rather spend my days on the Other Side of Obvious, where curious, skeptical, and analytical live, and where surprise endings are commonplace. Which political party is the better custodian of the economy? The rhetoric favors one side; the numbers favor the other. What does “trickle down” mean, and how well does it work? When does privatization make sense, and why?

The answers to those questions and more are on The Other Side of Obvious. My alter ego, who’s a pale shadow of Jonathan Swift, takes potshots at the occasional absurdity on the “Short Takes” page.

Yr. Hmbl. Srvnt.: George Shaffner