The Other Side of Obvious

We’re skeptics here. We question conventional wisdom. Too much of this country’s greatness is wasting away because of endemic self-interest, political inertia, and lack of vision. Whatever conventional wisdom is, it’s not working here.

Citizen’s United has allowed legislation to be sold to the highest bidder, and it can’t be fixed. Not so, there’s a workaround. We can take Congress back. Private enterprise is more efficient than government, right? It’s not, unless the goal is to enrich the rich.

The middle class is disappearing, and the cause is unknown. No so, the cause is known.  We can save the middle class, if we’re willing to throw out 200 years of bathwater.

This is The Other Side of Obvious. This is the place where self-interest, political inertia, and shortsightedness are beaten by logic, dissent, and unorthodox solutions. This is where conventional wisdom comes to die.

Illustration by Jack Hornady